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Consultations & Treatments

Vol aigle
Akashic Journey

Journey within

your akashic space 

in full awareness .


Communicate with your soul and understand the meaning of your life's path.

Akashic Reading

Akashic reading during

of a communication

soul to soul.

During this session, you will get all the answers to your questions.

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Guidance is a divinatory art (clairvoyance).

With respect and kindness, I put my mediumship at your service.

I channel in Aramaic

Site cleaning

Energy cleansing

of a place.

Consists of   purifying, harmonizing and managing geobiological nuisances in order to live in positive, balanced and peaceful energies.


Massage crânien
Access Bars

Cranial care by acupressure allowing 

relaxation and letting go.


Indicated for concentration problems, sleep, stress, phobias and more...

Statue de Bouddha
Energy Treatment

Energy healing

in magnetism 

Allows the physical body to regain its vitality on all levels.

Preventive or curative

Sacred Feminine Care

Heal your female wounds, reconnect to your Sacred Feminine.

  Raise awareness, advance,

set you free. 

Find your inner essence

Faire une fiche

Numerology is

a divinatory art. 

Complete study of your life path, cycles,

 personal years.


  Challenges and trends for each year from your year of birth.


spiritual awakening is

a key moment.


Doing the basic learning and being guided allows you not to get lost in the essentials.


  Personalized individual support .

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